Local & Family Owned


Family Owned

Lincoln Epoxy Flooring is proudly celebrating this year by continuing to implement the latest technology in product improvements and improving product installations. Arnoldo began expanding the business into different styles of epoxy usages. These methods streamlined the flooring process, saving the customer time and money.

Honesty – Integrity – Family

Through the years, Arnoldo has built a reputation of being an honest businessman who treats every job and client with integrity and generosity. He goes above and beyond to get the job done right. He is committed to family above all, and he always strives to leave the customer satisfied.

Innovating & Evolving

Today, Lincoln Epoxy Flooring is a flourishing company that is constantly innovating and evolving to improve efficiency in floor coverings. The company is happy to serve the Lincoln, Nebraska area with top quality skills. Their team provides all aspects of epoxy designs, floor leveling, and epoxy installation.

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