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New Construction

Our certified blower door technicians are highly trained to bring you accurate results in a timely manner. We realize that time spent on testing is down-time for your entire building project and we want to get you back to working as soon as possible. Upon completion, results will be emailed to you so you can get back on schedule quickly.

Recently, Nebraska has adopted the International Building Code (IBC) 2018 which goes into effect on July, 1, 2020. Each new construction building must meet strict air leakage standards, with a blower door test required for most projects. Krieser is here to make the transition as easy as possible for builders.

Don’t risk failing a blower door test or spend countless hours sealing penetrations by hand; learn about AeroBarrier, envelope sealing and blower door testing all in one and never fail another blower door test.

Don’t Change How You Build Houses.

Let Krieser Do the Work For You.

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Existing Structures

There are many reasons to conduct a blower door test on your home, chief among them is comfort. Our testing identifies areas where air escapes and enters your conditioned space. Once those problem areas are identified, air sealing your home is easier and more effective, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

There are a few steps to prepare for a blower door test on an occupied building. Among them are to plan to have our technician do a walk-through of the entire premises, including closets, attics, and crawl spaces. And ensure all fires are completely out with any ashes removed. View the full list and discover more about how a blower door test can benefit your home – Here.

We also offer Thermographic Imaging upon special request.

Please call 402-432-2031 for more information and to schedule your blower door test today!