Polyurea industrial waterproof coatings are derived from a reaction of isocyanate and a synthetic resin and is the preferred long-term solution for many waterproofing applications. It offers corrosion protection, chemical, abrasion, environment or atmospheric resistance, and adds greatly to structural integrity. It can be used in NSF potable water approved systems and for food grade applications inside any containment.

When applying Polyurea, the surface is cleaned, and a two-part polyurethane primer is applied. Once the primer has cured, the Polyurea is then applied in any millimeter thickness required in one or multiple passes, setting in 2-3 seconds. Many textures can be achieved and aggregate can be added to attain traction and slip resistance. Its versatility allows a range of properties to be achieved; from high elongation to superior tensile strength to hard or soft and in a variety of colors, several UV stable, all based on how the material is formulated and correctly applied. It can be applied over a variety of different substrates: concrete, metals, woods, and more and in a wide range of temperatures and humidity.

Krieser Drywall & Insulation has been professionally installing Polyurea inside fire trucks, tunnels, swimming pools, tops of grain silos, and more since 2015. In that time we’ve found that it is more advanced than paint, epoxy, fiberglass and vinyl esters and offers many more advantages than any of those materials can boast.

Also offered are Silicone and Acrylic coatings on a select basis.

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